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Absolutely Imposing™ Adobe® Acrobat® Plug-in Showcases Its Ease of Use at Drupa


Montreal, Canada, April 17th, 2012. Ultimate Technographics Inc. will showcase the new features in Absolutely Imposing™Adobe® Acrobat® Plug-In, its easy to use, quick imposition layout plug-in at Drupa starting May 3rd 2012 in Germany.

Powered by the robust Impostrip® back engine, this Adobe® Acrobat® Plug-In is the right choice when looking for a solution regrouping all the features needed in just one screen, allowing to see “Best Fit” imposition layouts in a virtual fitting room and efficiently imposing jobs in just one step. Absolutely Imposing™ will help designers and prepress operators quickly impose any type of job: books, booklets, brochures, calendars, business cards, labels, etc.

“Our customers don’t want to go through a step by step process in order to generate job layouts. They simply don’t have the time for this, adds Raymond Duval, Director, Sales and Channel Development at Ultimate Technographics. We delivered a quick and easy to use Adobe® Acrobat® Plug-in precisely to solve this issue, allowing our customers to spend more time on other tasks while Absolutely Imposing™ handles the imposing of professional layouts for them.”

Users search for simplicity:
The customer feedback on Absolutely Imposing™ has allowed us to confirm this. “Much faster, I was able to do more complicated impositions in one step where I might have to impose in multiple steps with other solutions”, “It’s simple and intuitive”, “Complete imposition solution in one package”, “I love it!”, “Handles well”, “The installation went smooth”, claim Absolutely Imposing™ users during a satisfaction survey.

More Languages:
Absolutely Imposing™ is a downloadable product for both Mac and PC, and now comes in 6 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

More “Best Fit” Templates:
The latest version exposed at Drupa 2012 will also carry more new cut & stack templates for books, personalized labels, and more. The plug-in’s user friendly templates help users accomplish complicated imposition schemes, executed on the fly in just one step, while maintaining top imposing precision.

Quality control Adjustment Flexibility:
As per customer request, we have also implemented a new feature allowing front and back offset adjustments. This feature allows users to keep full control on quality.

Imposition solutions for all printers:
If you are looking to solve a particular problem in production, Absolutely Imposing™ is a solid imposition engine capable in meeting your various job needs. If you are looking for imposition automation, speak to an Ultimate imposition automation expert at Drupa in one of the following locations to find out which Impostrip® product is right for you: HP (Hall 4) and Xerox (Hall 8b). Or simply visit us at www.imposition.com or contact an imposition automation expert at +1.514.938.9050 to learn more about our products

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