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Ultimate TechnoGraphics at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2023


March 6, 2023

Julie Watson at Ultimate TechnoGraphics talks about emerging trends and product strategy at Hunkeler Innovationdays 2023.

Hi, My name is Julie Watson and I am the CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. We are here at Hunkeler Innovationdays and we are seeing a lot of interesting trends. Of course end-to-end automation, you know if you can automate as much as possible getting the most jobs out the door, productivity, these are some of the key points definitely. But also because this is an event for high-speed inkjet, the need for speed is also important.

Processing speed, imposition speed, so our software, in the recent version we’ve amped the speed. When we came out with Impostrip Scalable we benchmarked a 100.000 pages under 10 minutes, we did the same test on similar hardware and the same files we have now got a million pages in under 5 minutes, so that’s a huge speed increase, performance increase. Our solution is really taylored for the heavy duty high-speed inkjet market and that’s really important.

We’ve been working on a new module that you can add to Ultimate Impostrip Scalable, called BetterPDF.
This came about because customer were sending us files and we were taking a look at them, very very large files in terms of pagination or voluminous in content and they needed a quick way to improve and make these PDF’s better in order to produce them.
Some of these files actually our customers just couldn’t produce, they couldn’t print them. They could be 200.000 pages, 500.000 page PDF’s and they really needed a solution. So we came together and came up with a unique way to do ‘late-stage’ PDF re-engineering inside Ultimate Impostrip optimized for the imposition process as well for the press it’s dedicated to.

We look forward for our customers to learn more about it. You can visit our website at www.imposition.com, it’s a good place to start!


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