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Product Strategy: Ultimate’s Eve Petroni on End-to-End Workflow Automation

What is they key emerging trend that you observed at PRINTING United 2022?

“Printing United has been a great show for us. We’ve been able to discuss with many customers, many partners and one of the biggest trends we see nowadays, coming from a two-year pandemic, is the need for automation. Not only automation in prepress, but throughout the whole production flow, all the way to finishing and shipping. So, this is the one key need that we’ve seen so far at the show and it’s been very very good for us.”

How do you adapt your product strategy to address this trend?

“Ultimate has been evolving in the automation field for quite some time now. We do imposition and finishing automation software, to provide end-to-end automation and we integrate seamlessly with third-party applications. From job ordering all the way to shipping, there are no touchpoints, we eliminate the risk of human errors. From talking with our customers, we know they are ready now. The pandemic brought some challenges such as the labor and paper shortage that 20, 10 or even 5 years ago, no one would have seen it coming. Today, customers are ready. They are investing in technology to make sure that they optimize their workflow and their production to reach those efficiencies to get higher productivity and profitability. At the end of the day, it’s a business world, we all want to make money, we want to deliver high quality products and with our software, this is what our customers do every day.”

How can people learn more about Ultimate?

“If anyone wants more information about what we do, our software, you can go online on our website, www.imposition.com. You have some information there about Ultimate Impostrip®, which is our imposition software solution and also Ultimate Bindery®, which is our finishing automation solution. You can follow us on social media. We post very regularly, not just business-related stuff but also very funny stuff. If people want to see our new employee – It is called UB. I am sure you’ve seen it walking around the show floor – go check it out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.”

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