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C.P. BOURG BPM Launch Event


May 14th 2018 – May 17th, 2018- Ottignies BELGIUM – C.P. Bourg will be launching their new BPM finishing device which is fully JDF enabled. Ultimate TechnoGraphics will be showcasing a fully dynamic imposition and finishing workflow for the BPM and the different line configurations available. To learn more about this event, or to register, visit the C.P. Bourg Website.

When finishing equipment offers the mechanical flexibility to manage a dynamic paper transformation and finishing flow, Print Service Provides can benefit from increased ROI. In any case, considering the software workflow implementation to drive such devices will enable customers to fully reach the productivity and flexibility of the print workflow. This is why Ultimate will demonstrate live with C.P. Bourg how you can maximize your print jobs using both dynamic software and hardware. Join us.