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Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ imposition engine is designed to facilitate workflow connectivity and integrate easily to MIS, web2print systems, photo labs, storefronts and other document management systems dedicated to a final printing and finishing delivery process.

The imposition of pages, photos albums and other types of documents is an integral part of the print manufacturing process and consequently is essential to print workflow optimization. The objective is to propose the most efficient way to impose pages to insure constant growth of your business.

Workflow Connectivity

To allow integration with virtually any third-party application, Ultimate TechnoGraphics goes the extra mile and has developed a communication language with the use of XML. This model allows those applications to send commands with proper parameters for the imposition process to take place.

The first step is to insure that the application creating the XML job ticket has access to imposition queues configuration and hot folders of Ultimate Impostrip. We call this “Imposition re-direction”.

The XML schema can also drive custom values into your imposition, marks and barcodes. This allows for a dynamic workflow and can properly setup your jobs on the fly to increase your productivity.

The second way to integrate implies providing with more information about the imposition. Among other things, the XML job ticket will need to know a “template” to use for Imposition. This implementation does not require using many hot folders or imposition queues. We call this “Imposition Params”.

Users can also connect their system to Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ solutions using JDF, the CIP4 Job Definition Format. Get in touch with us to learn more or to help you with your integration project.

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