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What Does Origami Have to Do with Imposition?


Origami is the art of folding paper into life like representations of animals and other objects and has been practiced in Japan for centuries. But what does it have to do with imposition? Well it does and here is why.

Imagine creating imposition signature templates without the need of entering one single page number or orienting any pages.

That is possible thanks to the Origami feature in Impostrip®. Origami virtual paper folding is an easy way to create imposition layouts intuitively by recreating on screen what a prepress specialist would call a paper “dummy”.

Usually, this folded paper dummy is used to determine the page sequence numbering that corresponds to an imposition pattern. After the correct folding pattern is determined, the page sequence numbering is entered automatically.

With Origami virtual paper folding, the operator is presented with a graphic representation of the press sheet and pages on screen. By clicking on the sheet at the junctions between pages, “folding” occurs on screen, providing right numbering and page orientation to create the corresponding template with standard marks included just like magic! And for multiple webs and partial webs, use the scissor and hand tools to cut and combine the sheet to get the different templates.

The Origami tool in Impostrip® not only allows to create new impositions, but also helps customers make changes on the fly without having to go through a lot of different steps to do so. A user can easily create or edit any type of template without the need to always re-impose a file.

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