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Top 3 Ultimate Webinars of 2019

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Blog - Top 3 Ultimate Webinars of 2019

The Ultimate team offered the printing industry several knowledge-packed Ultimate webinars in 2019 about imposition and finishing automation. They were all very successful and we would like to thank everyone who attended the Ultimate webinars for taking one-hour off your busy schedule to get exclusive insights on workflow automation and print production optimization.

Here is your chance to revisit and rewatch our most popular Ultimate webinars of 2019:


1. Maximizing On Demand Book Production

Live event: May 23rd, 2019

Book of one and short run books have truly changed the workflow requirements towards a more flexible, dynamic and automated approach. Learn how Ultimate has led this change by providing fast powerful tools to minimize blanks, manage a lot of very short run orders, or book of one, for very diverse environments and finishing options.

This webinar examines and solves some of the key bottleneck areas while producing books-on-demand:

  • How to easily connect to the online book ordering system?
  • How to gang multiple orders of books on the same sheet/roll?
  • How to minimize or even eliminate blanks for your book runs?
  • How to effectively track each order on your production floor?
  • How to manage demanding postpress requirements?



2. Introducing Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 Pro and Pro Offset

Live event: September 19th, 2019

A few months ago, we launched the new Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 Pro and Pro Offset.

Result of years of Research and Development, this new generation is designed to fill the need for more intelligence, automation, flexibility and speed to offset and digital printers.

The 1-hour webinar presents in exclusivity the many exciting aspects of this new version:

  • Redesigned User Interface – New!
  • Unified Windows and Mac Platform – New!
  • Subscription License – New!
  • Cloud Licensing – New!
  • More Languages – New!
  • Advanced Dynamic Preview of Marks and Barcodes – New!
  • Offset Module with Plate Layout and Color Bar Editor – New!
  • Marks Profiles – New!



3. 4 Imposition Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Live event: January 29th, 2019

Print Services Providers kicked off the year 2019 by learning our technical experts’ top imposition tips to get error-free imposition that is fully automated. During the webinar, we presented the top four imposition mistakes printers make, and how to easily solve them with useful tricks and features in Ultimate Impostrip®.

  1. Leaving blanks on a sheet
  2. Numbering the pages wrong
  3. Ignoring your finishing flow
  4. Setting incorrect marks



You did not attend these sessions but would have loved to? No worries! Our team can send you the recording for you to watch whenever it suits you best. Simply contact us at sales@imposition.com with the title of the webinar recording you would like to watch.

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