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Selecting PDF Imposition Software Doesn’t Need to be Hard – Part 2

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Selecting Imposition Software Doesn’t Need to be Hard – Part 2

Preparing files for printing to a plate or directly to a press, is a crucial part of the printing process. It is one of those steps that has remained a high skilled and fairly siloed process. In Part 1, we reviewed what is the best approach to selecting a PDF imposition software solution and the main thinking behind it.

Looking for a solution that can scale based on your needs is also a key criterion to selecting a PDF imposition software program. The flexibility and scalability of the solution will make it future proof.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics for example offers the imposition tools to support almost all forms of print imposition with 6 upgradable versions you can select what is best for you today and still upgrade as your business requirements change in the future. These include Ultimate Impostrip® Pro primarily designed for digital print; Pro Offset adding offset and plate-based printing; Pro Nesting for non-page based nested impositions like sign and display and packaging; and continuingly building bundles that include everything, and finally Scalable, their multi server implementations for those very high-volume plants. They offer both subscription and perpetual licensing for all of their products.

Future Proof

Things in the printing industry are continually changing. Whether it’s a pandemic or it’s just market and technology shifts that have a tendency to affect what printers do. Future Proofing means creating an infrastructure around print business so that as time goes on, and things continue to change, printers are in a very easy and good position to make those changes.

Here are a couple examples:

Cober, a commercial printer based just outside of Toronto, Canada, has seen their business grow by implementing imposition and finishing automation to save hours in production time to deliver products much faster.

ProList, mostly focused on direct marketing and direct mail printing based in Frederick, MD, USA, has reached a better bottom line with higher product quality and customer satisfaction by building an end-to-end automated workflow.

Ironmark, book printer located in Annapolis Junction, MD, USA, has built a touch-free workflow from the client’s hands to the pressman to get books on-demand orders out quicker, every time.

Nino Druck GmBH, book and commercial printer located in Germany, has put in place a completely automated workflow to react adequately to the increasingly difficult market conditions. With Same Day, Next Day deliveries and customer expectations at Amazon level, Nino Druck uses a mix of prepress software solutions to reach maximum productivity.

Lupa, photos and photo books printer based in Israel, has created an automated workflow which allows them to have a better margin on the work done, saving around 30% of workers time in the production flow and do more with less.

Documation, commercial printer based in Eau Claire, WI, USA, has built a workflow that tie the variety of customers, applications and equipment they support together, allowing them to produce more than 5,000 unique books per day in a completely automated fashion.

Boone Graphics, commercial printer based in California, USA, has reached 8 Million Dollars and Doubles its Sales by integrating the right solution in their workflow to tackle all of their PDF imposition needs for digital, offset, cut and stack for mail and web to print all without any human intervention.

PrintPapa, a commercial printer based in Santa Clara, CA, USA, has grown their business with automation to become the competitive leader locally and expands in other segments to compete in larger markets outside their local region with increasing success.

The selection of a PDF imposition software solution doesn’t have to be hard once you understand how it fits into the whole plant workflow. Making the correct decision ensures you are future proof.

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