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With so much tech talk, do we even realize that Print is Everywhere?

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”Print is Everywhere” By Ultimate TechnoGraphics CEO, Julie Watson

I was recently at a local tech conference with many software and IT CEOs, where we gathered to discuss common challenges and solutions. During a discussion, one CEO made a comment to me with a friendly smile: “Isn’t Print Dead?”

Well of course being a software company for the printing industry at an all tech event may attract exactly this kind of comment you may think, and that is probably true. But at that moment I said: “Look around the room…” where the obvious notebooks, books, paper coffee cups, prints on walls, brochures and event agendas were all perfectly created printed products just in front of our eyes.

Let’s jump ship to #summervacation, where most of you are right now. Although many of us are starring at our tablets and smartphones on the plane or on a train, still today print is everywhere and is a key part of many lifestyle brands and experiences, even 11 years after the first iPhone launch in 2007.

(Read about the history of the iPhone.)

#Lifestyle is everywhere and for every generation, especially the #Millennials. And although the millennials are often identified as a digital generation, let’s take a look at what really happens during a summer vacation trip.

(Check out the 100 Top Lifestyle Brands for Millennials by Business Insider.)

We all know that #Millennials love to #Travel! They are particularly attracted to custom unique trips where they can experience something extraordinary. They book most their travels online, but once you look past the bookings, the Trip Advisor and the Google Maps, you may find that print is part of this trip in every aspect, as well as a method to cherishing the travel experiences’ memories with personalized #photobooks.

(Check out Forbes article on the Most Important Consumer Generation for Travel )

Between picking up a beautiful travel book with panoramic pictures to guide you through your next travel experience, where the boutique hotel you will stay at has trendy pictures on the walls and a boutique hotel lifestyle magazine on the coffee table to your room, to walking through art galleries where collections of photos and prints are food for your imagination, to picking up the latest luxury brand reading material at your favorite store talking about your favorite sport, to reading the latest news and city update at your local coffee shop off a city guide newspaper, and this is without highlighting all the products you purchased along the way that had tags and original packaging, as well as the labels on your favorite beer and wine you shared with friends. And as you fly back home, you may be looking at the menu on the plane while quickly browsing the airline’s lifestyle magazine right before watching your favorite movie.

This said, I am still curious to know why this tech CEO, although insisting he reads his books on a Kindle even by the beach on vacation, did not notice all the printed products that he uses everyday? … Maybe because it is such an integral part of our lives that we don’t even realize it – Print is Everywhere.

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