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5 Print Automation Musts for 2020

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2019 is already over. It seems time goes by faster and faster as we are constantly connected. It is now a good time to take a moment and make a list of key elements to accomplish in the new year. And we are not necessarily referring to New Years resolutions, because we never follow those. We are rather offering some key elements to help you achieve your print automation goals in 2020.


In today’s optimized print production, one no longer needs to maintain hundreds and thousands of templates and hot folders to driver a diverse product array print production.  This overhead gets in the way of your prepress flexibility, requires specific knowledge to manage and maintain and leads to errors. By using a dynamic approach and a well planned imposition workflow, reducing the overhead will increase the flexibility and reliability of your print automation.


You invested in digital print equipment or expanded your digital print production last year? Great! Now it’s time to “get more bang for your buck”. Investing in efficiency is the only way to get a more from this initial investment. Examine all manual steps currently in place for each job and get it automated, and of course this also includes finishing. There are great tools on the market today that require a minimal initial investment that are versatile and can remove manual steps to help you achieve great print automation.


Yes, 2020 is a Drupa year! Although it may seem like you do not have the time to attend yet another trade fair, it is also one of the best investments in time you can make this year. Attending Drupa is the best way to be in touch with what the market has to offer in terms of technology. It will inspire the direction you will take with your print production for the next years and can make you become a leader in your market if you are not already there. And if you are a leader, even more reason to be there and ensure you keep your position.


We are always limited by what we don’t know. There is no better way to enhance print production, or any project for that matter, than by seeking expert advice and by networking with peers. There are several print automation experts you can leverage to guide you in how to implement automation tools to meet your specific goals.


We have all heard at some point from a business owner: ‘’I’m afraid my employees will leave if I train them.” Well imagine if you do not train them and they end up staying! If you want to help your team achieve print automation goals, it starts with information and training.  There is also major value to getting customised training on the solution you have in place, as mastering them will allow you to achieve greater results. Refreshing knowledge through regular enhanced training is also a great way to ensure you keep using your tools to their best ability.

Automation drives results (especially in 2020!)


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