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Ultimate TechnoGraphics Revolutionize the Imposition Workflow with Ultimate Impostrip® 2019

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Blog - Imposition Workflow Software Revolution with Ultimate Impostrip

Ultimate TechnoGraphics, leader in imposition and finishing automation software, set another milestone by launching the first true reliable, AI driven automated imposition workflow solution, Ultimate Impostrip® 2019. The new product generation of this Montreal-based company has already made an impression in the printing industry, being qualified as an ‘’impressive innovation’’ and ‘’a wind of renewal’’. Native on Mac and Windows, it’s a whole new world of possibilities that this new unique offering opens to digital and offset printers worldwide.

Ultimate Impostrip® is already well known in the industry as it was the first computer desktop imposition workflow solution in the market in 1989 and has since been a crucial part of thousands of companies’ print production. ‘’Having established a proven technology does not mean we should stop innovating says Julie Watson, CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics. ‘’In fact, it means we should innovate even more, and this is exactly what we have done with this generation, and what we will continue on delivering in the future’’.

Printing industry has transformed

Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 is the result of a sizable effort of research and development directly aligned with the industry trends, challenges and customers feedback.

Because the face of the printing industry has changed a lot in the past decade, the traditional offset printing companies face enormous challenges. The digital revolution and the arrival of print-wary millennials bring their share of changes towards print volume, personalisation and turnaround time expectations. More and more printers relate to experience a bottleneck in their prepress department due to the increasing number of short-runs orders and level of personalisation. While in the past huge print runs allowed for huge margins, today’s order are smaller, individualised products, which need to be produced quickly.

The lack of growth in the print market pushed the Print Service Providers to diversify their offer and transform their businesses to add new products, investing in new printing and finishing equipment.

Today’s Print Services Providers can not afford to do manual operations nor building a complex multi-software workflow that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars; they need a more open, flexible and versatile solution to centralise their entire imposition workflow needs, no matter if they are a digital, offset, hybrid printer or work on Windows or Mac. This is exactly what Ultimate TechnoGraphics proposes with their new Ultimate Impostrip® 2019.

Opened Solution for all type of Printers

One of the main objectives of Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 was to regroup the distinctives versions Mac and Windows of the previous versions and create one that would be completely unified with both sets of features available. ‘’The Mac version of Ultimate Impostrip®

was strong for Offset print environment. The Windows version was strong for Digital print environment. Ultimate Impostrip® is now strong in both Offset and Digital, offering advanced features to impose on sheet-fed or continuous feed presses.’’, says Julie Watson. It’s also worth mentioning that Ultimate Impostrip® is 64-bit support, which is a must with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) almost here.

New Speed Records

Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 was designed to boost the print powerhouses of the future. Ultimate TechnoGraphics increased the indexing and imposition power in order to provide up to twice the performance as the previous version. Already highly regarding in the printing industry for its speed capabilities, Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 only needs seconds to create the imposed file, even with enormous PDF file containing hundreds and hundreds of pages.

What is the secret to achieve such speed records? ‘’Automation’’, admits Julie Watson. ‘’Imposition workflow automation at Ultimate means lights out, hands free, true reliable automation. Ultimate Impostrip® was coded with productivity in mind, and all our developments since then are towards power and speed.”

Redesigned User Interface

The team of developers at Ultimate TechnoGraphics put a lot of efforts on completely redesigning the user interface of the software. Dramatically simplified navigation, intuitive user experience, new modernised look and feel; they reached their goal. Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 democratizes the imposition  workflow process by guiding the user through the steps to generate their PDF print-ready files, through manual imposition, Hot Folder Automation or XML tickets. The new marks, barcodes, colourbars and banner sheets/pages editors really helps the user in their creation by interactively showing a preview of what the element will look like on the printed sheet. No-more guessing; Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 offers a new way to pre-flight the marks to get the marks right, every time.

AI driven Imposition solution

Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 introduces Artificial Intelligence for bound and flat work with the new Intelligent Imposition Agent. This new feature, unique to Ultimate Impostrip® 2019, understands the intent and the kind of products he needs to generate the imposition for. You are printing business cards? The Intelligent Imposition Agent will choose the best layout among all the business cards layouts to optimize the coverage of the sheets. “The Dynamic Data Feed (DDF) enables the intelligent Imposition Agent to choose best-fit layout based on existing templates, a specific subset of templates or it can create completely dynamic, optimal layout without the use of templates. The AI advances, especially for bound work, is a breakthrough for both commercial and book printing automation. ‘’ wrote the Association for Print Technologies (APT).

Connectivity to upstream and downstream systems

Ultimate Impostrip® 2019, like the previous version, can be easily integrated into any prepress workflow. The user store-front or web-to-print software simply needs to send an XML ticket to Ultimate Impostrip® which will automatically read it, generate the imposition and sends the imposed file through JDF to any RIP. To add another layer of automation, Ultimate Bindery® can be introduced in this workflow to automatically setup the finishing equipment before printing, allowing the creation of an end-to-end workflow with no manual intervention until the customer’s product is printed and ready to be shipped.

Not just another imposition workflow solution

Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 is not only another imposition workflow solution on the market. It is an advanced, yet super simplified tool to help Print Service Providers increase their margins by:

  • Getting more orders out of the doors everyday;
  • Reducing the waste of paper and ink;
  • Maximizing the coverage of the sheet or roll by ganging and nesting jobs together and choosing the right layout automatically;
  • Eliminating the need for re-runs by generating the right imposition, with the right marks every time.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ core business is to build imposition solution. 30 years after the release of their first software, Ultimate Impostrip® 2019 marks a new era for all imposition solutions software by revolutionizing the way printers see imposition workflow.


[This article was published on the Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) with the collaboration of our UK reseller Transeo Media]

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