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10/10 for Horizon Finishing First Event

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We attended Horizon Finishing First in Hambourg, Germany last week to share our experience about the advantages of automation in print finishing. This three-day event allowed us to discuss finishing automation with several experts of the printing industry, and to demonstrate how to link PSP’s workflow for total finishing automation, using the combination of Ultimate Impostrip® and Ultimate Bindery®.

We presented three different user cases the need for today’s automation from prepress to post press for any printing businesses wishing to adapt to the relevant changes in the print industry; short runs and faster turn around times must be achieved to reach the business model accepted by today’s customer.

Ultimate Bindery®, 2017 MUST SEE EMS Winner and PRINT18 RED HOT Technology, has the unique ability to serve as a finishing back-end engine. It works dynamically and eliminates the need for individual job set ups on variable publications. Ultimate Bindery® is built to meet high volume variability insuring high throughput required for concatenated finishing book and booklet lines.

Ultimate Bindery® digital finishing automation solution is the unique component each digital printing production can add to get the perfect base for efficient and profitable print operation and supports a wide range to Horizon Finishing devices.

Thank you Horizon for organizing such a great event, and we look forward for the next edition!

To learn more about Horizon Finishing First event, please visit www.finishing-first.de/en.html.

About Ultimate Bindery®

Ultimate Bindery® is a standalone software solution designed to fill the gap between prepress and finishing. Ultimate Bindery® can take any JDF imposed job and complete it with all the necessary parameters needed to automatically set up your finishing equipment such as perfect binder, saddle-stitcher, cutter, slitter-creaser, 3-knife cutter, etc. It allows to produce variable length products in different quantities, on the fly with no manual make-ready.

Ultimate Bindery® is a hub of knowledge of many different finishing devices from different manufacturers and can automate in-line and near-line finishing equipment. It operates as a central location to validate that each job is built respecting the capabilities and constraints of the selected finishing equipment. These validations prevent errors and reduce waste since an alert is sent to the user for them to rectify the situation.


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