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Global Paper Shortage


The global paper shortage, not to mention the ink shortage, is a reason why it is more important than ever to automate as many processes as you can. By using a powerful and smart imposition software, while optimizing the imposition, you can reap many benefits including saving on paper.   

  1. Optimized impositions to save paper
  2. Reduce make readies to save on paper
  3. Reduce waste by limiting errors
  4. Eliminate printed waste; thus, saving paper and ink 

According to #PrintWeek, prices in Europe are already up by 8% to 14% depending on the type of paper and the paper manufacturer. Global supply challenges, the price increase of gas, electricity and chemicals are the main reasons of the paper price increase. All this, combined with wood shortages, decreased local paper production and decreased foreign supply are other reasons why paper prices have gone up.  

The shortage was also created because of the higher demand of packaging material during the Covid-19 restriction. More and more boxes and other packing materials were used to ship all the packages ordered online. Now that Covid-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted world-wide we will see a slow balance returning but it will be a while before everything is back to normal. 

Cartridge Save and The Dot Corp mention another valid reason why there is a paper shortage, but also an ink shortage. With many people now working from home, printing their documents on their private printer, it created an increased demand for paper, home printers and ink cartridges that feeds them. Of course, the shortage of raw materials, due to closed factories, doesn’t help the cost of printing either.  

Imposition Automation is Key

One way to save your paper consumption is to have the right software that drives your printing & finishing equipment. Not only is saving paper good for the wallet but it is good for the environment too.

Here are a couple of ways you can save on paper using smart imposition and finishing automation software. 

  • Automated and intelligent padding to separate content 
  • Sectioning paper into different print areas to place, group or gang different jobs 
  • Smart identification of jobs, using certain marks versus banner sheets 
  • Using barcodes for integration with finishing equipment to remove manual touch points 
  • Work with key imposition logic for multiple templates to optimize the imposition between jobs 
  • Use AutoFlow or AutoNesting optimization to create on-the-fly imposition according to print requirements 
  • Use Ultimate Bindery to drive the finishing equipment, standardize jobs and reduce waste


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