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6 Unique Finishes for Stand-out Style Business cards


Have you ever returned from a conference or tradeshow with a case full of business cards? Which caught your attention first – the ones with traditional or creative design and finishing? Business cards play a significant role in creating opportunities. They are important for making a favorable first impression, not only on the company but also on the contact itself. More and more end users are looking for creative business cards to be remembered by their prospects.

Studies show that 88% of business cards handed out get thrown away in less than a week. Plus, a colored card typically lasts 10x longer than the standard white card. As Henry Fan said: ‘’Business cards are like art. To be of value, it must be appreciated and not quickly discarded’’.

A memorable, attractive, eye-catching business card will make your customers stand-out from the others. With over 27 million business cards printed daily worldwide, the competition in commercial printing is strong. Here are a few examples of creative business cards you should consider adding to your offering to win these business cards orders.


Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Blog - 6 unique finishes for stand out style business cards

Who said business cards should be printed on paper? Printing them on different types of material such as plastic, wood or even stainless steel make a great impression without needing to change the original design. At a glance or with a quick touch, your customers will feel the difference instantly. They can be also preferred for their durability and longevity. Business cards can also be printed on uncommon material, like PVC for yoga instructors’ business cards to replicate a mini version of a yoga mat.


Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Blog - 6 unique finishes for stand out style business cards

Take a step back from standard rectangular card by printing round, circle, square or custom shaped business cards. Offering this kind of customization to your customers unlock endless possibilities for them to design a creative business card that will stand out. Apart from an extra fee for a die cut, these types of unconventional business cards do not have a high price tag, which makes them very popular.


Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Blog - 6 unique finishes for stand out style business cards

Foil stamping adds a touch of class instantly to all business cards. The way the fold stamp catches the light creates a wow factor. Metalling black, red, gold and silver, as well as matte white are popular choices.  At Ultimate TechnoGraphics, we opted for a transparent gloss as seen in pictures above.


Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Blog - 6 unique finishes for stand out style business cards

Perforated cards are cost effective way for your customers to create an artwork to highlight their brand. You can carve anything from company’s logo and name to special shapes to make unique business cards. Another way to use a perforated card is to have a two-layer card perforated with a top-layer only perforation. For a surprise element, your customers can peel-away the top layer to reveal the contact information. Another creative way to build business cards!


Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Blog - 6 unique finishes for stand out style business cards

Embossing makes elements of business cards literally stand out. You can also create a reverse impression, deboss, on the back side. Many end users will combine embossing and foil printing to create that double special effect. Embossed business cards simply have this powerful impact on people; as soon as someone receive an embossed business card, the individual pays attention to the item, looking it over and rubbing it because of the special look and feel.


Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Blog - 6 unique finishes for stand out style business cards

Eco-friendly business cards are really growing in popularity. Some of these cards have integrated seeds people can plant after saving the contact information. If your customers run a floral business, it could be a flower seed that would make a great link to their core business. Others are made from recycled paper or even eatable material. In any case, it really makes a statement and can be used by end users looking for a new way to present themselves.

If you are looking for an imposition solution to impose all these types of business cards automatically, with ganging and nesting capabilities, contact us to learn more about Ultimate Impostrip®.


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