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7 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Workflow Solutions


Workflow components can be hard to manage especially in the case where each component may be from a different vendor specializing in specific areas. This makes it hard on Print Service Providers (PSPs) to automate the prepress process and even more complex, to automate the entire process until finishing. In addition, it has always been considered a secondary matter to various PSPs where producing and printing products come first, ignoring the fact that optimizing print production can be achieved by workflow automation. This is what we also tend to refer to as ‘islands of automation’.

When it comes to Web-to-Print software, there are many system providers in the market. Some may be more costly and complex than others. Simply buying a web-to-print platform does not necessarily guarantee success for PSPs, it is much more than the platform.

The combination of technologies and solutions is what stands out because vendors have done the integration work for you. Here is why you should consider it:

Reason 1

Have a complete automated environment where orders are generated and being send directly to different printing devices according to the various orders generated online in order to optimize production removing manual touchpoints allowing operators to work on other tasks

Reason 2

Meet customers’ SLAs and deadlines by achieving a fast turnaround, sometimes even as quick as with same day delivery. Also, having detailed records of the jobs, produce clear detailed reports, or to feed data to external systems

Reason 3

Maintain high accuracy of data throughout the process from driving the order, setting the imposition steps automatically, to passing the data to printing devices resulting in perfect products.

Reason 4

Have the flexibility to generate different orders within your system and have them ready prior sending to different printing devices, offset production, digital cut sheet, digital continuous feed and large format

Reason 5

Generate printed products with a twist of customization and personalization easily and without manual touch points.

Reason 6

Improve overall quality control by meeting short period of time demands and customer print quality exceptions which will result in increasing customer satisfaction.

Reason 7

Allowing you to streamline workflow pinch points within your business workflow.

Ultimate solutions integrate with many different solutions on the market, including the very popular Skyline in-plant web-to-print solution used by organizations around the world. Skyline automates the prepress process starting from reception of files from different sources, generating the various products that users will be able to access via Skyline. Ultimate Impostrip® delivers the additional automation step that optimizes production with simple operator interventions that save time and money.

Integrating Skyline and Ultimate solutions allows for complete automation for different devices and different brands, allowing PSPs to eliminate errors, reduce waste and save time. This integration will allow PSPs to centralize the process, optimize the workflow and shorten the time to generate print-ready products seamlessly and get them produced automatically.

Skyline offers a versatile and powerful Web-to-Print solution which is available on-site or in a cloud-based license. Ultimate Impostrip® is a standalone imposition software solution which enables PSPs to retrieve information from upstream systems and apply it on the imposed file with record breaking speed.

To see the two solutions in action, don’t miss out on the webinar recording available here.


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