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4 Strategies to Win Election Print Business

Ultimate TechnoGraphics Election print Business

Election season means peak times in the printing industry. Candidates order multiple print products to gain voters attention and build name recognition. Door hangers, lawn signs, stickers, banners, postcards, letterheads, and posters are all examples used to win homeowners’, students’ and small businesses’ votes. Even if online media also plays a big role in influencing voters, print is a driving force for brand recognition and for a message to stand out from the noise.

Do you currently get business from Elections, or looking into getting more? How you stand out from other print shops will determine if you win these lucrative contracts. Do you already have an election-specific value proposition? Let’s look at different marketing strategies that exist, and how to deliver on your promises, to be at the top of Campaign Managers’ list.


‘’We’ve been printing for campaigns since 30 years!’’ ‘’Print with experienced professionals who help you win’’ The core of this strategy is to trigger the feeling of trust. Experience means to be in business for a long time. Having a future-proofed print business can ensure you build on the experience to win new accounts and prepare you  to be able to use this marketing strategy in the long run and becoming the local reference for all election print materials in your county.

Read Part 1 of whitepaper on How to Future-Proof your Print Business here.


‘’Our fast production times help you stay ahead of your opponent.’’ ‘’Order today before your opponent does.’’ It is simple; candidates need to get their printed materials fast, in order to launch their campaigns before their opponents. Short turnaround times are achievable by having the right print and finishing equipment combined with efficient processes. Workflow automation is key to get the incoming jobs out as soon as possible. Many software solutions are available in the printing industry to automate every part of your workflow, from order entry to finishing. The important aspect is to be able to connect all of these to build a centralized workflow to streamline your print production.

Watch webinar on Ultimate Impostrip® imposition solution workflow connectivity here.


‘’We offer premium, high-quality products.’’ ‘’Order better materials than your opponent.’’ Have you heard of the expression ‘’Judging a book by its cover’’? No matter what your beliefs are, stats show that the form is equally or almost more important than the substance in Politics. As a printer, you know that print product quality involves multiple components such as paper grain, color accuracy, ink quality, etc. One of the critical aspects of quality though resides in the finishing department. For example, one miscut or mis fold, and it’s the entire stack of paper that you need to rerun otherwise your customer will be unsatisfied of the quality of the delivered product. Fortunately, there is now on the market a solution to automate the finishing equipment to avoid these costly mistakes. It is called Ultimate Bindery®.

Learn more about Ultimate Bindery® finishing automation solution here.


‘’We offer low prices for your printing needs.’’ ‘’Order print products that stay within your budget.’’ Adopting a low-cost strategy could be tricky if you want to keep your profit margins. If you decrease your price to win a customer and you want to keep the same profit margins, you need to reduce your expenses. Imposition automation allows you to cut in your expenses by reducing waste of resources, increase productivity on each job and move your specialized workforce away from repetitive, low valued tasks. One of the tactic election printers use is to combine multiple jobs together to create gang runs. Not only you are saving paper by maximizing the coverage, you also increase your productivity by printing more jobs every second.

Discover Ultimate Impostrip®’ AutoFlow Ganging Optimization by watching the webinar recording here.

Now that you have chosen your marketing strategy, join the Ultimate Team for a webinar on how to deal with Variable Data Printing using Ultimate Impostrip®. The date and time of this webinar will be announces soon. If you are unavailable to attend the live session, you should still register as the webinar will be recorded and shared with you afterwards.

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