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Create a virtual Paper Dummy?

Imposition is the art of positioning pages on a press sheet in such manner that when the sheet is folded into a signature and cut, the pages will be in the correct sequence. (PrintWiki) To obtain accurate page numbering, print service providers create a model/prototype of what the print project will look when it is complete. They take a piece of paper, fold it the way they would in finishing, number each page and unfold it to see the final pagination on the signature. With Ultimate Impostrip®, printers can create what most prepress professionals would call, a virtual “paper dummy’’, using Origami Paper Folding.

This unique feature to Ultimate Impostrip® enables printers to easily create a template with the right page numbering in just a few seconds. The user simply needs to indicate to Ultimate Impostrip® where the paper will be cut, fold and stacked to determine the folding pattern. After the correct imposition pattern is determined, the page sequence numbering is entered automatically.

When should I use Origami Paper Folding?

This virtual paper dummy application is recommended for all folded layouts. It works for both digital and offset printing, on cut-sheet or roll-fed presses, using single or multiple webs, and no matter how your print device rotates the paper for back printing (turn or tumble).

It is a powerful and reliable tool to automatically number your pages on your impositions. No need to waste time and resources on creating a physical paper dummy and bringing the results in your imposition software anymore. With Ultimate Impostrip®, these two steps are done automatically to deliver the folded layout you want directly on your screen.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Ultimate Impostrip Imposition software - Origami Virtual Paper Dummy

Try out Origami Paper Folding yourself by downloading a demo copy of Ultimate Impostrip®. By downloading a demo today you will be able to discover why this imposition solution is built for print service providers productivity.

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