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Can I produce a Tracking Sheet for my Gang Run?

Many print facilities use banner pages for tracking and sorting reasons, some call them banner sheets or pages, separator sheets or pages, identification sheet or pages, group separators, etc.  Print Wiki defines a banner as a ‘’page printed at the beginning of a print job output from a network printer, containing job and user information.’’ Nowadays, barcode tracking and banner sheets are key to scaling your print business, particularly in high volume and on-demand print environments.

By using automated job-tracking, printers are able to track the progress of any given job and ensure that there are no delays in getting it completed and shipped to the customer, allowing printers to maximize profits through efficiency.

Ultimate Impostrip® is an imposition software that allows you to print an extra sheet over a gang run imposition using customized content for each item in the gang run, or an extra page with key job data, to make the cut stacks easier to track after trimming and then moved into post-production and delivery.

Automatically ganging multiple jobs of multiple sizes and quantities together in the same imposition is easily achievable with the AutoFlow Ganging Optimization option in the software. To track each job, banner sheets must be dividable in multiple pages to represent every document of the imposition. Positioning banner pages over imposed gang run sheets is a complete out-of-the-box process, done entirely behind the scenes by Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ imposition software.

To learn more on creating automated gang runs in Ultimate Impostrip®, click here, or to watch a video on AutoFlow Ganging Optimization, click here.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Can I produce a Tracking Sheet for my Gang Run?

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