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Can I preview my impositions before printing?

Ultimate Impostrip® is an imposition software tool most often used to fully automate the imposition process. Customers repeatedly report back “I never need to look at Ultimate Impostrip®, it just runs”.

Although this is true most of the time, users may still want to occasionally process a manual job. In this case, a solution is needed that allows printers to preview the imposition before printing. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines preview as: ‘’to see beforehand, to view or to show in advance of public presentation’’.

With Job Preview, printers can validate their manual impositions before they are outputted by the software. If there are adjustments to be made, users can simply make the changes on the fly, without interrupting the production. It is particularly useful for workflows with RIP as the output. No need to intercept impositions anymore.

What elements are on the preview?

Job previews are replicas of the impositions. Users can look at the interaction between the input document, paper, plate, marks and banner sheet/pages. It represents the full job, meaning users can validate every single signature in the job previews.

What adjustments can be made?

Job previews give the flexibility and liberty to modify certain elements in the imposition. Users might want to select another layout, move a barcode or mark outside of the print area, add a banner sheet that was forgotten at first, adjust the bleed or gutters between the pages, etc.

There are a series of other adjustments that can be made on the fly using Ultimate Impostrip®. By downloading a demo today you will be able to discover why this imposition solution is built for print service providers productivity.

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