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Want to Gang Print Jobs Quickly and Efficiently?

In printing, ganging is popular. Many users choose the word “Gang” to describe the ability to group different jobs together inside the same print run. This term is often used however to describe a few different imposition and layout behaviors that are similar, but yet different. Let’s review the options.

First let’s review what Wikipedia explains: “Gang-run printing describes a printing method in which multiple printing projects are placed on a common paper sheet in an effort to reduce printing costs and paper waste.” It offers in fact the advantages to be economical and reduce waste, and some inconveniences found can be lack of paper selections and ghosting.

Ganging jobs can mean:

  • Grouping different books (titles) together in the same print run according to a certain order or optimized by page count for example.
  • Dynamically joining VDP components in the same print run, from VDP booklets to books, labels and cards.
  • Requiring ganging rules to keep certain contents in the same section or optimize through several sections such as using multi-lane imposition.
  • Grouping different components of the same job or order automatically from a web-to-print system onto the press run.
  • Automatically grouping jobs as part of an imposition layout, dynamically adjusting marks to these jobs.
  • Creating offset gang-runs of different size jobs and quantities to optimize the total media used.
  • Creating digital ganging run of different size jobs and quantities on the fly rapidly and efficiently to feed your powerful press.

All these scenarios can be achieved using Ultimate Impostrip. Learn how by setting up a demo with one of our experts today.



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