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Building an E-Commerce Ready Workflow?

Shopify defines E-Commerce as ‘’buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.” The success of e-commerce for printing as well as for any other industry is on one hand related to the popularity of your brand, the efficiency of your e-commerce platform, and above all, the efficiency at which the online orders are executed. Building a workflow for your e-commerce orders is key to your success and using e-commerce ready solutions makes it even easier for you.

E-Commerce ready imposition technology

What if your imposition software technology could connect to any upstream systems using an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage tool, eliminating complex programming and maintenance? What if you could find a solution to automatically transfer data on customers and job orders and accurately impose these jobs dynamically for any press and finishing? With Ultimate Impostrip®, no programming knowledge is needed as it offers an out-of-the-box solution that can read multiple types of files such as XML, JDF and JSON files. Streamline orders from any third-party application producing job tickets and get repeatable consistent imposition results. Building an automated e-commerce workflow for printing is possible, yet another key factor in the success of such workflow is taking a holistic approach to all its components.

Utimate TechnoGraphics - Imposition software - Universal Mapper - Ecommerce ready

Importance of a holistic approach

Every print company can benefit from a connected workflow to grow its business in a future-proofed environment. As David Zwang wrote in Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ white paper, ‘’How you approach connecting or integrating your business and production processes is the key to building a holistic collaboration system that will support your needs today and more importantly into the future. At a basic level, data is what drives it all so you need to build a system that can bridge those disparate systems and facilitate the data exchange. While some of the older business systems, which can include MIS/ERP and W2P systems, were very proprietary and presented challenges in data integration, those that are available today usually provide support using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and/or just XML mapping.’’

Ultimate TechnoGraphics White Paper Future Proof your Print Business - Ecommerce ready

Download the complete white paper series on Future-Proofing Print Business here.

Universal job ticket mapping made easy.

With Ultimate Impostrip®, benefit from superior imposition intelligence, understanding the incoming data and dynamically setting the imposition on-the-fly. As a result, print service providers build a connected prepress workflow that automatically captures jobs orders, generates the impositions and sends it to the press without user intervention. Gains in efficiency, productivity and profitability are enormous. This is one of the reasons why Ultimate Impostrip® has been and continue to be selected in e-commerce print shops around the world today. Watch webinar recording on How to Integrate Ultimate Solutions to your workflow here. And learn about printers’ experiences with Ultimate Impostrip® here.

Certified integrations

Ultimate Impostrip® integrates seamlessly with many web-to-print solutions such as Aleyant Pressero, and other upstream systems like Enfocus Switch. While these examples refer to notorious standalone solutions commercialized by vendors, Ultimate Impostrip® has the flexibility to connect to in-house/self-developed web-to-print or ordering systems under some conditions. For more information about the connectivity of Ultimate Impostrip® with the ordering platform you use in prepress, contact our team.

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