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Selecting the best template automatically?

Most imposition software solutions offer some sort of template library from which you can choose a layout and link it to a hot folder. Printers often find themselves dealing with hundreds of hot folders to generate the impositions of their entire product offer. They need to remember in which hot folder to drop an incoming job. If they drop it in the wrong hot folder by mistake, they most likely need to rerun the job.

The Ultimate Team developed two powerful tools to reduce the number of hot folders while maximizing the coverage on the paper, on every imposition. Ultimate Impostrip® brings to Print Service Providers the power to generate their impositions using the best template automatically, using Best Fit or Imposition Agent.

Best Fit is the entry-level tool for best selection of template. Ultimate Impostrip® analyzes all the templates in Ultimate Impostrip® Template Library and selects the best one for the imposition based on the trim and paper sizes, automatically.

Imposition Agent is the advanced tool for best selection of template. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Imposition Agent understands for what type of print product the imposition is and select the best template accordingly. It is available for flat and bound work, to be printed on cut-sheets. Step & Repeat, Cut & Stack, Perfect Bound and Saddle-Stitched are the imposition schemes available with the Imposition Agent.

Ultimate TechnoGraphics - Ultimate Impostrip imposition software - Select best template automatically

Want to save paper and time spent on each job? Try out Best Fit or Imposition Agent for yourself by downloading a demo copy of Ultimate Impostrip®. By downloading a demo today you will be able to discover why this imposition solution is built for print service providers productivity.

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