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What information can you place on a banner sheet?

Many print facilities use banner pages for tracking and sorting reasons, some call them banner sheets or pages, separator sheets or pages, identification sheet or pages, group separators, etc.  Print Wiki defines a banner as a ‘’page printed at the beginning of a print job output from a network printer, containing job and user information.’’ Nowadays, barcode tracking and banner sheets are key to scaling your print business, particularly in high volume and on-demand print environments.

Ultimate Impostrip® enables the ability to create banner profiles for both banner sheets and banner pages. It also manages the ability to apply multiple profiles to the same job and include conditions to their placements. This of course is for a more advanced use, however, here is a short overview of what type of information can be placed on the banner.

Ultimate Impostrip® generates customizable and dynamic banner pages and banner sheets. It contains identifying information about the job in text and barcode format to ensure the right stack gets delivered to the right customer. It can be static data, dynamic data and meta data coming from an XML job ticket, or a mix of the three.

Banners can include for examples the date, time, job name, sheet numbers, or any custom information contained in a job ticket from a MIS or web-to-print system using Ultimate Impostrip® Universal Mapper. For more information on how to build an e-commerce ready workflow, click here.

Special notes can also be added on the banners to the attention of downstream departments, such as highlighting the urgent jobs requiring expedite delivery.

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