Automation Drives

Automation drives results in printing. This is the foundation of all our software development and today, Print Service Providers worldwide benefit from increased productivity in a digital and hybrid environment. Ultimate TechnoGraphics invented digital imposition with the first release of Ultimate Impostrip® in 1989, and has continued to play a leading role in the market ever since while providing the most innovative and progressive imposition products.

Today, Ultimate is a leader in imposition, nesting and finishing automation software solutions. The company has a rich history of providing and integrating imposition technologies into hardware and software workflow solutions for print industry leaders.

Key Milestones

Our History – 35 Imposing Years

  • Ultimate Milestone - 1989
    A Great Milestone for Prepress Automation, Impostrip is Born.

    Ultimate TechnoGraphics launches the first digital imposition Impostrip.

  • Ultimate Milestone - 1990
    Sky’s the Limit, We Go Global.

    Following the launch of Impostrip 2.0 at Drupa, our solution spreads globally.

  • Ultimate Milestone - 2008
    Finishing Automation sees the light of day with Ultimate

    Ultimate Bindery was first launched at Drupa 2008.

  • Ultimate Milestone - 2010
    Automation Reaches New Speed with Impostrip Scalable.

    Ultimate launches the world's fastest imposition engine at Graph Expo, 100,000 pages in less than 10 minutes.

  • 2016
    Ultimate keeps with it’s Innovation Path

    Ultimate delivers market first template-less True Shape Nesting Automation.

  • Ultimate Milestone - 2014
    Recognized in the Printing Industry

    Ultimate Bindery becomes the reference in finishing automation and has been selected as Best Technology of the Year by Xplor, and 2 times Best in Category MUST SEE EMs winner.

  • A New Generation of Ultimate Impostrip® is here
    A New Generation of Ultimate Impostrip® is here.

    Ultimate launches the new generation of its flagship imposition software.

  • Historical Pandemic makes Automation a Game Changer.
    Historical Pandemic makes Automation a Game Changer.

    Ultimate continues future-proofing its partners with Ultimate Impostrip® and Ultimate Bindery®.

Our Partners

Key Players For Ultimate Success

Industry Partners

Some Clients

They Count on Us for Their Optimal Productivity

  • fireball-printing

    Because we take on so many small jobs for so many different clients, we need to have a process where things can just be streamlined and happen on their own as much as possible. And it has kind of come together overtime and evolved. Catherine Dentino, Co-Owner of Fireball Printing

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  • fotofabriek

    Scalable is something that we really need at this moment. It helps us to scale with the company and the amount of orders. The nice thing about (Ultimate Impostrip) Scalable is that we can upscale or downscale at will. We can change our plans. We can send a quick email and have twice the processing power available to our impositions, so we can keep up with the peak-season, but also have a stable flow in the off-seasons. Chris de Jonge, Head of IT

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  • boone-graphics

    We often don’t touch any of the jobs that are imposed. The jobs come through, workflow picks it up, automates it through imposition, outputs it for the operator, operator releases, operator then takes it to finishing and it’s already set-up, it’s already embedded, it already has the production code. The machine scans the code and runs the job. Dave Tanner, VP of Operations

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  • rapidity

    After we first configured Ultimate Impostrip®, it’s just been chugging along quite happily. We’ve not really had to tinker with it much since them. It’s been working well! We’re going to be shaking up our prepress automation quite substantially in the future. I feel Ultimate Impostrip® is going to play a pivotal role in this. Dan Alderman, Workflow Manager

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  • bennett-graphics

    I am using the new version and LOVING it! Brian Lockwood is referring to the new generation of Ultimate Impostrip® Scalable. At Ultimate TechnoGraphics, we are equally happy with our customers’ success and are proud to be part of it! Brian Lockwood, Technician

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  • lightning-press

    We at Lightning Press are very happy with the Impostrip product. We’ve been using it with every order for over 20 years. We would not be able to function without it. We are unlike typical commercial printers, as we are a short run book printer. We have been able to adjust Impostrip’s hot folders to our needs to make the most efficient/economical use of each sheet of paper. I would recommend any printer to test drive Impostrip! Debbie Graham, Graphic Department

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  • Prestone-Press

    We are super happy with the new Ultimate Impostrip®. We love the software and appreciate how modern and clean the user experience is. Ultimate’s support team has been really helpful during our transition from the old mac version. Carlos Ortiz, Web-to-Print Manager

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  • my-poster-testimonial

    The production of the new products runs through a workflow based on Enfocus Switch, Ultimate Impostrip® and Ultimate Bindery®. The sheets are imposed using Ultimate Impostrip®, which has the speed required for the high throughput at MyPoster. The solution streamlines every aspect of the imposition workflow with versatile tools. At MyPoster, each job is imposed individually, gang forms are not used. Ultimate Impostrip® also creates a file in LayCrimp format. This is a standardized output format for further processing. Ingo Mannherz, Technical Product Manager at MyPoster

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  • Cober Solutions

    Ultimate Impostrip® has certainly become an integral part of our automated and digital workflows allowing us to produce many more orders a day that possible than traditional setup methods’’, admits Driever. ‘’It has given us the benefit of submitting work directly to our digital printing devices efficiently without error or failure. Erwin Driever, VP Technology at Cober

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  • sg360-testimonial

    The best thing about Ultimate Impostrip® is that it will pretty much handle any imposition we throw at it. I mean we've utilized a lot of things as far as Dutch cuts, custom marks and things of that nature, but it's just the amount of files that it's actually able to chuck on and able to get out in a fraction of the time that we were doing it before. It seems to end up getting easier and easier. The new release has a lot more functionalities than the previous one. It's been wonderful. John Zawisza, Director of Digital Operations at SG360

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  • marketing-kitchen

    Ultimate Impostrip® is very easy to use. The team was up to speed on it in no time, which was great because at the time the team was also learning the KM-1, and I thought; ‘Oh is this going to be too much?’ But really, it was a super easy transition to using Ultimate Impostrip®. We’ve taken it one step further by introducing ‘hot folders’. We are able to upload the files and it’s fully automated right to the KM-1, and we couldn’t do that without Ultimate Impostrip®. Audrey Jamieson, President of Marketing Kitchen. Markham (ON), Canada

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  • sendmoments

    Most of our workflows are done by ourselves but if it comes to special things there’s a partner like Ultimate that really can help us to bring these products to life. Impostrip is the most powerful tool we have to build everything around our products… Sven B. Binder, Chief Manufacturing Officer of Sendmoments

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  • print-on-demand

    To be quite honest, you know Impostrip basically came at the right time at the right place so to say, because of the vision bolding this true book of one solution we didn’t have so much time going to the market and look for what other applications are available. And the company we work with locally has given quite a lot of advice and has been very forthcoming and helping us set up exactly what we have today. Tertius Van Eeden, Owner and Managing Director of Print On Demand, Cape Town, South Africa

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  • Cober Solutions

    Cober Solutions has been using Ultimate Impostrip® imposition software for years to automatically impose all of their short run products, book products in various layout formats, and to impose work for finishing automation using systems like the Horizon SmartStacker. The software has provided Cober the functionality to integrate into their automation flows providing them with complete imposition automation for all of their on-demand work. Erwin Driever, VP Technology at Cober Solutions

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  • The HP Indigo R&D lab in San Diego has been a leader of the analog to digital transformation in the photo segment. We use Ultimate’s Impostrip® PassGate product every day for fast, reliable imposition and print job management. It’s saved us countless hours and we’ve come to rely on it as an integral part of our pre-press workflow! Brian Curcio, Application Specialist, HP Indigo

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  • Impostrip® immediately became one of our absolutely necessary daily processes to ensure that our files print correctly every time. A manual that previously could take us a day to prepare the print file requires only a couple of minutes using Impostrip®! It is easy to use and handles all of our imposition requirements. Brenda Douglas, DOT Graphics Inc.®

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  • One of the unique and powerful aspects of the HP T350 inkjet platform is that it can be configured to print a wide range of page sizes, formats and impositions. We needed a powerful and fast imposition tool. Impostrip® delivered a custom solution that met our production demands and gave Courier a competitive position in the marketplace. Steve Franzino, Vice president of technology, LSC Communications Companies

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  • With Impostrip® we were able to switch right away to printing batches of orders instead of single books; we were able to load thousands of files instead of only a few dozen at a time. Impostrip® Automation has ways to save time in cutting and preparing the books […] This saves time and prevents mistakes! Ofer Rosenbaum, Corporate Managing Director of Lupa

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  • We selected Ultimate's Impostrip® Scalable, and it turned out to be a very good choice. The automation features of Impostrip® Scalable actually made the integration a lot easier, since it is designed to be very flexible, as well as support for all of the various imposition requirements of a mixed digital and offset production facility. Laurence Limsico, Manager of the Pre-press department at Markono

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  • Impostrip® Econo+ has a nice engine that is flexible and reliable. Andy Brennan, prepress manager at Mercantile Press

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  • We were able to recover [17.5 hours of an operator's time per week, doing what I call monkey work] and eliminate all related costs. It allowed us to re-allocate our resources to be more creative, generating interesting, more complex and value-added work. Our Impostrip® Automation can do it 100 x faster than operators, thus saving money. Christoffer Reina, CEO of Print House AS

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  • ROOSTER IMC has slashed its costs and turnaround time to produce on-demand books and booklet makers to its two iGen 150s. Naresh Gulati, chief executive of parent company OCA, says the in-line finishing kit [Xerox / Ultimate Bindery® solution] has dramatically cut the cost to produce a booklet. Article by Australian Printer Magazine

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  • We chose Ultimate Impostrip® because it can impose for our production needs including all our offset and 4 color press and at the same time it can impose for our Nexpress and our Xerox printers. We absolutely needed a one source solution; we did not want software for offset and a separate one for digital. What is important for us also is that Impostrip is updated timely and Ultimate technical support department is amazing Tony Seaman, director of Graphics Services, University of Mississippi

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  • We automate our direct mail process with Ultimate Impostrip® and Enfocus Switch. After some implementation support we had no problems with our set up. So far, we are not missing any features, and everything has been working very well! We had our experiences with other pre-press solution in the market and we are very happy with the Ultimate Impostrip® solution. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues and friends. Christian Sigge, Pre-Press Technical Manager at Vögeli AG

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