Which Impostrip is Right for Me?

Are you:

As a graphic designer, we strongly suggest you use Absolutely Imposing, an easy to use imposition Adobe Acrobat plug-in.
As an on demand print place, you need to get jobs out quickly and this is why we suggest using the dynamic Hot Folder automation in Impostrip Econo+ to get more done faster. However, if you also need dynamic barcodes and ganging of different files together, then we suggest looking at Impostrip Automation.
If you have less than 5 digital presses and need imposition automation, we suggest looking at Impostrip Automation. If you have more than 5 digital presses, you may want to take a look at Impostrip Scalable.
As a hybrid print facility, you may look at Impostrip Automation for maximum digital print productivity, yet you may also look at Impostrip Solo or Impostrip Unlimited for mac client-server imposition automation.
As a web offset print plant, we suggest you look at Impostrip Solo (1 client server) or Impostrip Unlimited (multiple client server) for a mac client-server imposition automation solution.
If you produce newspapers and wish to pair pages: Impostrip PagePairing is right for you.
As an in-plant facility, you may want to look at Impostrip Econo+ as an entry level solution and Impostrip Automation for more such as dynamic barcodes, job ganging, xml integration to your workflow or MIS, etc.


Should you need more information or have special requests you would like to review with us, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will provide you with a subject matter expert.