Supported Devices

Ultimate Bindery automates in-line and near-line finishing equipment and integrates seamlessly into existing PDF workflows, just like any other process.

In-line Finishing

In an in-line configuration, Ultimate Bindery can synchronize the jobs on the print server coordinating the various device status communications with the finishing equipment via JMF. Ultimate Bindery offers the capabilities of combining a main device with optional finishing attachments such as a booklet maker with a creasing module or a perfect-binder with a 3-knife cutter.

Dual Mode Finishing

In a dual mode, in-line and off-line, Ultimate Bindery offers the sheet level integrity needed to process multiple jobs or multiple components of the same job. 

List of Devices

C.P Bourg BDFEx 
C.P. Bourg BMEx 
Horizon CW8000
Horizon CW7000
Horizon CW5000
Horizon CWPro++
Horizon BQ270
Horizon BQ470
Horizon HT-30
Horizon HT-80
Horizon StitchLiner5500
Horizon StitchLiner6000
Horizon CABS5000
Horizon SmartStacker
Horizon SmartSlitter
Duplo DC 645
Duplo DC 646
Duplo SYSTEM5000
Daeho Guillotine
Microcut Guillotine
Perfecta Gullotine 
Polar 80 Cutter
Plockmatic Pro35
Plockmatic Pro50

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