Automation drives results 

Automation drives results in printing. This is the foundation of all Impostrip® and Ultimate Bindery® product developments and today, Print Service Providers worldwide benefit from increased productivity in a digital and hybrid environment. Ultimate TechnoGraphics invented digital imposition with the first release of Impostrip® in 1989, and has continued to play a leading role in the market ever since while providing the most innovative and progressive imposition products. Ultimate today leads in imposition and finishing automation software solutions. The company has a rich history of providing and integrating imposition technologies into hardware and software workflow solutions for print industry leaders.

What we do? 

Ultimate TechnoGraphics develops and distributes cutting edge technology to automate and facilitate imposition and finishing for the graphic arts industry. 

Who we are? 

Ultimate TechnoGraphics is a team of highly qualified individuals in imposition and finishing automation. At Ultimate we care deeply for the success of our customers. 

Where are we located? 

Ultimate TechnoGraphics is located in the heart of the cultural gem Montreal has to offer. Known for its charm and culture, this Canadian city is ranked one of the nicest in North America. 

When were we founded? 

Ultimate TechnoGraphics was founded in 1989 with the release of the world's first electronic imposition system, allowing print service providers to trash there knives and film for a fully computerized prepress prep. 

How do we keep innovating? 

Thanks to our customers. We are fully motivated to innovate in order to help our customers achieve their goals and reach optimum productivity. We have in place a team of developers specialized in Imposition and finishing prepress capable to meet any new market demand.