The World's #1 Imposition and Finishing Automation Software

Absolutely Imposing

Adobe Acrobat Plug-in for professional impositions. Books, Calendars, Booklets, Brochures, Cards, etc. 


Impostrip Econo+

Entry level imposition software for offset and digital. Dynamic Hot Folder automation professional imposition solution. 


Impostrip Automation

Includes all Impostrip Econo+ features,  XML connectivity, dynamic barcodes, AutoFlow ganging, and more.


Impostrip Scalable

Includes all Impostrip Automation features, more power, scalability across multiple cores, and advanced stacking options.


Impostrip PassGate

Includes all Impostrip Scalable features, additional order batching, photo stacking imposition schemes, back side printing automation and more.


Impostrip Solo

Impostrip Solo is a full-featured solution for a hybrid workflow, offering the flexibility to work as a client/server or as desktop solution.


Impostrip Unlimited

Full-featured solution for sheet-fed and multiple-web offset printing. Multiple user client-server available.


Impostrip PagePairing

Newspaper and magazine production, automating page pairing imposition. It also manages web growth and versioning.


Ultimate Bindery

Designed to fill the gap between prepress and finishing and eliminates make-ready on bindery equipment.

Ink Ready

Generates an ink density control report for faster make-ready. Eliminates waste and saves time.