Book Printing

Explore the new enhancements Ultimate TechnoGraphics brings to its imposition solutions for digital book printing, including a new connectivity module developed specifically for offset/digital hybrid Print Service Providers with an emphasis on MIS and web2finish automation. The new connectivity module will provide PSPs with a forward thinking automated solution boosting productivity. 

Short-Run Books

Book printers are able to see how the business of books finds its future by reaching overall automation and benefits from the advantages of finishing automation. From simple bound to hard cover or low page-count photo books, Ultimate TechnoGraphics’ automation schemas address press and finishing production requirements for short runs and for one-off books order or sampling.

Photo Books

Reaching out for new business often means offering photo products such as photo books. From a web2print environment to high quality photo professionals ordering with quality expectations, Ultimate's solutions will allow you to tap into this market and produce efficiently from the start.

NEW! Stacking Options:

The stacker has the ability to batch and optimize one or more publications as independent stacks according to page count in order to reduce paper waste. This option is available in Impostrip Scalable and Impostrip PassGate.


1. Ability to group titles/publications and impose them according to page count
2. Ability to batch (receive and wait) and impose files of different page count by re-arranging input order to minimize blank padding
3. Ability to take a batch of files and sort them and generate the imposition in order to reduce blank padding
4. Option to stack files one after the other separating each publication by a banner sheet and/or by the use of marks (barcodes, custom marks)
5. Ability to take XML or files describing a batch of files.
6. Ability to take PDF input using file naming convention to communicate PrintCount (quantities for each publication)