nesting optimization

New automated process

Connecting to a web-to-print storefront or a workflow solution, the Impostrip’s new Nesting Engine receives orders systematically, analyses them and automatically places the irregular shapes in the most optimal way and delivers print ready files. Impostrip® can also easily connect to the DFE creating an automated workflow process. The automation of nesting is offered as a PDF workflow for maximum quality of output and process. 

Flexible tool

Impostrip® is the most extensive and flexible tool box for imposition on the market today and offers the ability to add all the mark content and placement required for printing and finishing. From dynamic, automation driven and self-generated mark content and placement, Impostrip® insures you are provided the tools to maximize their production.

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The Impostrip® Nesting Engine is an additional module offered with Impostrip® Automation and Impostrip® Scalable. From a light workflow to a full blown hybrid workflow, Impostrip® delivers the true possibility of a hands free, lights out prepress process. This module will be shown at Drupa Booth D06/Hall 8b in June 2016. Full online demos will be possible after Drupa. Schedule your demo today! 

Nesting is available in: