Full-featured imposition for sheet-fed and multiple-web offset printing.

Impostrip Unlimited client/server configuration offers the possibility for several operators and customer service representatives to set or edit imposition parameters and hot folders simultaneously. The cross-platform flexibility allows Mac operators to edit customer’s files and at the same time process these files all the way to the RIP automatically using the Impostrip Signature server module on the file server station. This is available from Mac to Mac server or Mac to Win server.

Impostrip Unlimited integrates seamlessly into offset workflow systems thanks to its various output options: PDF, PS to PJTF and JDF. Impostrip Unlimited works in an automated fashion using hot folders or job tickets containing template, control marks and/or barcodes and output path information.

AutoFlow job gangning is a free-from ganging automated process that optimizes the imposition of cards, posters pocket folders based on quantity ordered, Ideal for flat work. The advanced algorithms allows automatic recalculation insuring substantial reduction of paper waste. Impostrip Unlimited offers extended multiple-web imposition configurations to be set with the click of a mouse and PPF CIP4 file for cutting, folding and ink key settings

New AutoFlow Ganging

True automatic filling of a sheet, or a roll, with numerous different jobs of different sizes and of different ordered quantities. AutoFlow not only optimizes the placement of jobs on a sheet, it also optimizes based on finishing. 

AutoFlow is more than just planning how to place jobs; it is job optimization for automated digital production in order to produce more, faster, completely hands free. See it in action today ! Request a demo.


Impostrip Unlimited Benefits

  • Allows unlimited number of users to work simultaneously using a single licence
  • Reduces maintenance cost for your entire department
  • The most advanced imposition for web configurations
  • Easy-to-use automated imposition simplifies last minute press change.
  • Ganging orders of cards, covers or invitations together never been so profitable


  • PPF-CIP4 feature produces cutting, folding and ink density.
  • JDF, hot folder or PJTF integration with CtP workflow.
  • AutoFlow ganging for sheet optimization based on quantity.
  • Optimize PDF to increase processing speed with repetitions.
  • Origami virtual folding tool for easy or complex template creation.
  • Select a press mark profile in your hot folder for ease-of-use 
  • Dynamic template eliminates the need for gazillion templates.
  • Input PDF, Optimize PDF, JPEG, 150 different Postscript applications