Scalable Imposition Designed for High Volume Digital Printing

Impostrip Scalable is a new breed of imposition solution designed to deliver the prepress processing speed needed to impose and print high-volume transpromo, personalized campaigns and digital book PDF files on high-speed Inkjet web or high quality wide cut-sheet presses. 

Impostrip Scalable edition is aimed at resolving the growing bottleneck in imposition due to increasing job sizes and the increasing number of short runs that must be printed in a very quick turn around time. The Scalable Imposition Server edition leverages the power of today’s multiple core computers. 

This exclusive solution is designed to integrate most PDF workflows in a very simple fashion, helping these workflows to deliver extremely fast PDF processing speed. In addition, the Scalable edition offers extra level of automation regarding job submission building variable configurations on the fly for press optimization and coverage.


Impostrip Scalable Benefits

  • Productivity: Speed and efficiency when producing millions of full-color statements, direct mail and on-demand books
  • Press integration: Easy integration for increase automation on Inkjet presses
  • Scalable: buy the number of servers you need and add more if needed
  • Unique: imposition that combines multiple streams from Extreme, GMC or others.
  • Sate-of-the art: Offers all the professional tools to impose taking full advantage of the presses
  • Simple: connects with upstream Store-front, MIS and most prepress systems for hybrid plant

NEW! Stacking Options:

The stacker has the ability to batch and optimize one or more publications as independent stacks according to page count in order to reduce paper waste. 


1. Ability to group titles/publications and impose them according to page count

2. Ability to batch (receive and wait) and impose files of different page count by re-arranging input order to minimize blank padding

3. Ability to take a batch of files and sort them and generate the imposition in order to reduce blank padding

4. Option to stack files one after the other separating each publication by a banner sheet and/or by the use of marks (barcodes, custom marks)

5. Ability to take XML or files describing a batch of files.

6. Ability to take PDF input using file naming convention to communicate PrintCount (quantities for each publication) 

Customer Testimonial:

With 3 HP T-350 inkjet presses running side-by-side, we have the capacity to print over 3.5 billion pages per year. This presented a challenge to our current DFE. One of the unique and powerful aspects of the HP T350 inkjet platform is that it can be configured to print a wide range of page sizes, formats and impositions. We needed the capability to make such decisions at the press at the time of printing. We needed a powerful and fast imposition tool. Impostrip delivered a custom solution that met our production demands and gave Courier a competitive position in the marketplace.

Stephen M. Franzino

Vice-président des Technologies

Courier Companies


Feature Highlights

  • Provides a new level of prepress performance.
  • Increases the quality of each print making your business more profitable.
  • Automatic control over page positioning and markings maximizing efficiency.
  • Optimized PDF output capability for extra speed on personalized projects.
  • NEW! Horizon SmartStacker Imposition
  • NEW! Universal XML/JDF Mapper for Easy Connectivity
  • Enfocus Switch Configurator
  • Makes short run jobs more profitable through advanced JDF/XML automation.
  • Connect Impostrip to your MIS or store-front for workflow automation.
  • Press and paper optimization using imposition allows various jobs to be grouped
  • Increase margin on jobs by grouping more books together automatically.