High volume photo books and photo prints

Powerful automated scalable solution for mid to high volume Photo Labs. Impostrip PassGate automates your photo print production on your digital press and finishing equipment and lets you reduce waste considerably. Optimized for the HP Indigo 6000p web press and the Indigo 7600, 5600 used for photo albums and calendars, PassGate is geared towards mid to high volume photo Labs. Print service providers already engaged in web-to-print photo book and calendar production can now increase their business with photo prints.

Impostrip PassGate improves the current photo print workflow by batching orders to reach print optimization.

The Imposition logic used by Impostrip PassGate is unique on the market and was tailored to better serve the digital photo print market to eliminate waste and increase productivity, automation and flexibility.

Gate: automation of photo orders

PassGate translates the information gathered from upstream components into order-part tickets with a pre-defined structure for downstream production. It uses production logic to generate batch tickets with all the asset references and information required by the PassGate imposition engine for creating PDF documents on the fly, ready to print. The Photo Automation System module also extracts the text needed for backside printing and places it in a separate text file accessible by the backside printer. PassGate comes with Impostrip Scalable thus allowing PSPs to print flat photo specialty products of any kind such as photo books, calendars, greeting cards, etc.

Scalable: solution to manage across multiple servers

We understand that each customer has unique requirements, specific volume and speed to achieve; this is why we introduced the scalability needed to meet those needs. PassGate can be configured to take advantage of multiple core server computers to deploy several imposition engines in order to rack up as much capacity as needed to meet production demand and speed.


Impostrip PassGate Benefits

  • Manages and imposes JPEG photos automatically: Converts the JPEG images to PDF with respect to resolution and proper rotation if need be. PassGate will batch orders, and output a PDF to the HP DFE. In the meanwhile a text file is created for the backside printing.
  • Automates back side printer: manages a double barcode, one including necessary finishing information such as cutting and photo size information, and a second barcode for back side of each photo print in order to automate the inkjet backside printing of variable information.
  • Automate finishing: guided by a barcode, finishing devices receive instructions to stack photos in the right order.
  • Automatic placement of I-marks: are used for cutting purposes and are automatically placed based on the imposition logic used.
  • Imposition logic: the imposition does not require any hot folder set up as it is complexly integrated with the Photo Automation Module. It is designed for 2 finishing configurations: Shingle and Stacker delivery.

Feature Highlights

  • Provides a new level of prepress performance.
  • Increases the quality of each print making your business more profitable.
  • Automatic batching of photo orders
  • Automatic barcode tracking of orders
  • Cut & Stack, Book Stacking, AutoFlow Ganging
  • Input: JPEG, PDF, PS, Optimized PDF, PDF/VT
  • Enfocus Switch Configurator
  • Makes short run jobs more profitable through advanced JDF/XML automation.
  • Connect Impostrip to your MIS or store-front for workflow automation.
  • Press and paper optimization using imposition allows various jobs to be grouped
  • Increase margin on jobs by grouping more books together automatically.