Ideal for newspaper and magazine production

Impostrip Page Pairing is a software solution designed for newspaper and magazine production, as well as any project requiring a high level of automation and efficiency for plate imaging. With the ability to release pages automatically when a flat is paired, Impostrip Page Pairing allows you to begin imaging plates and running your press even if all pages are ready.

Impostrip Page Pairing allows publishers to create an alternate version of their publication by automatically creating many versions by changing some pages to suit regional markets. It manages individual pages and assembles them automatically to generate a complete plate for imaging, ensuring no waiting time at the RIP or the press.

Impostrip Page Pairing is designed to increase the quality of newspaper production on web presses. Page Pairing let you define different press profiles including compensations for web growth and fanning to achieve good registration on the press in situation where humidity or paper absorption of inks cause dot gain effects.


Impostrip PagePairing Benefits

  • Automates versioning for newspapers and magazines
  • Increases quality with web-growth and fanning profiles
  • Eliminates the need for specific template for each press
  • Allows automation of other commercial work like brochures, cards etc.
  • Multiple colour outputs automate the production of CMYK plates and single colour plates.
  • Fanning Option allows compensations for press misalignments specifications.

Feature Highlights

  • Includes Impostrip’s original built-in template creator.
  • Origami virtual folding for template creation.
  • Automated with dynamic Hot Folders.
  • Easy Versioning with up-to 9 versions.
  • Black and CMYK separate output automated.
  • Marks and color bars.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Works in a client-server configuration with one or many users
  • PPF-CIP4 feature produces cutting, folding and ink density.