Imposition Software for Offset and Digital

Impostrip Econo+ is an imposition solution truly designed to automate digital and offset printing. Regardless if you are a prepress pro or just starting in printing, Impostrip Econo+ eases you into the world of optimized imposition. It provides you with the professional features to manage an imposition workflow, to take advantage f all your digital equipment capabilities: speed, short-run, personalized marketing campaigns, books on demand. Impostrip Econo+ will help you increase the quality of each print, making you more profitable. 

Impostrip Econo+ means that you will have “peace of mind” by insuring consistency from one project to another without the operator’s intervention. It provides you with production efficiency to deliver short runs on time, all the time. Get full control over page position, bleeds, page-spread, page scaling, marks and margins for best quality. 


Impostrip Econo+ Benefits

Ease of Use
Impostrip Econo+ is easy to use. The learning curve is short, as this application is very intuitive. Impose booklets, perfect bound, step & repeat, cut & stack, repeating booklets, wire-o and spiral bound, right side binding, calendar binding, etc, hassle free and with all the marks necessary including collating marks. 

Hot Folders
Save your template information and preferences to your hot folder, and use this to drop your files in as they come. Drop 16 page or 128 page job in the same hot folder and it creates as many plates or sheets needed to complete the job. You can create up to 2000 hot folders. 

Custom Template Builder
If you are a more advanced user and want to create your own imposition layouts and templates, with full flexibility over numbering, orientation, margins, gutters, mark placement, and more, Impostrip Econo+ is the right tool for you. It is easy to use, like Absolutely Imposing, but offers a lot more horse power, automation and flexibilty.

Best Fit Layout
Impostrip Econo+ makes creating templates and layouts easy. Determine your page size, your press sheet size and your binding method, and it will choose the best suitable layout for your job. You may edit and customize it at any time with tools like Origami virtual paper folding for easy template making.

Automatic Creep
You can’t produce a proper booklet without controlling the creep. With Impostrip Econo+, you will get automatic creep calculation based on your paper thickness. This will help you ensure the quality of your jobs.

Origami Virtual Paper Folding

Origami virtual paper folding is a feature unique to Impostrip. By enabling folds and cuts, a user can create what most prepress users would call, a virtual "paper dummy". Once this paper model is created, simply click accept, and the imposition template will automatically be generated for you. It is easy to use, and intuitive.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy Hot Folder automated workflow
  • No Size Limitations
  • NEW! Dynamic Imposition
  • NEW! Static Barcode for Automation of Duplo, Morgana, Etc. (Windows version only)
  • NEW! Adobe Library Included (Windows version only)
  • Impose JPEG, BMP, PNG (Windows version only)
  • Best Fit for automated template selection
  • Supports saddle-stitch and perfect bound
  • Supports spiral and wire-o, right-side and calendar binding
  • Cut & Stack
  • On the fly collating marks placement
  • Origami virtual paper folding for easy template creation
  • PDF workflow in-put and out-put without conversion
  • In-put EPS, Tiff and over 150 Postscript Mac-Win and Unix applications