Ideal to automate continuous-feed or cut-sheet digital presses

Designed with productivity in mind, Impostrip Automation optimizes every aspect of your prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy-to-use yet extremely versatile. In a few mouse clicks you can set-up a link to your MIS, your Photo Authoring system or your home grown Web ordering system.   

Perfect for very short turn-around delivery on marketing campaigns, transactional and short-run of books. Its extensive options for web imposition allow drawing the most of high-speed ink jet presses with optimization schemes and inserting all marks needed for in-line finishing. Its unique Dynamic hot folders allow the same folder to impose jobs of varying lengths, page sizes and formats, thus simplifying your set-up.


AutoFlow Ganging

True automatic filling of a sheet, or a roll, with numerous different jobs of different sizes and of different ordered quantities. AutoFlow not only optimizes the placement of jobs on a sheet, it also optimizes based on finishing. 

AutoFlow is more than just planning how to place jobs; it is job optimization for automated digital production in order to produce more, faster, completely hands free. See it in action today ! Request a demo.


Impostrip Automation Benefits

  • Provides a new level of prepress performance. 
  • Increases the quality of each print making your business more profitable. 
  • Automatic control over page positioning and markings maximizing efficiency. 
  • Optimized PDF output capability for extra speed on personalized projects. 
  • Makes short run jobs more profitable through advanced JDF/XML automation. 
  • Connect Impostrip to your MIS or store-front for workflow automation. 
  • Press and paper optimization using imposition allows various jobs to be grouped 
  • Increase margin on jobs by grouping more books together automatically.

New! Nesting Optimization

The Impostrip® Nesting Engine allows to maximize your sheet or material space with nesting true shape items based on shape, size and quantity, all automatically. Available in Impostrip Automation v.10.

Feature Highlight

  • Origami virtual paper folding for easy templates making. 
  • Dynamic Template provides the ability to use the same hot folder for multiple jobs. 
  • PDF optimization module for VDP personalization. 
  • Dynamic barcode composition for tracking, quality control and finishing automation. 
  • Enfocus Switch Configurator 
  • NEW! Horizon SmartStacker Imposition
  • NEW! Universal XML/JDF Mapper for Easy Connectivity
  • XML Director Module to connect and streamline orders from store-front. 
  • Configurable banner sheet with variable content (job name, barcode…). 
  • Booklet Configurator module to automate imposition of various size booklets in same job 
  • Supports for web sectioning reducing blank padding. 
  • Grouping various jobs for web width optimization. 
  • Provides on-the-fly collating marks placement.
  • Easily integrates with the following systems: