Three Generations of Digital Imposition

A note from the Founder of Ultimate TechnoGraphics

Ultimate Technographics was formed in 1989 with the mission to computerize the tedious and complicated task of imposition. Prior to this it was most commonly done with exacto knives, tape and rubilith. Some companies used mechanical stepping machines to expose film onto plates.

First generation:

The advent of word processing and desktop publishing brought a world of electronic documents that through PostScript could be used to assemble digital plates in a computer to expose first to film and later direct to printing plates. Ultimate put film strippers in front of computer screen instead of a light table. The software was Impostrip.

Second generation:

Over the years Ultimate has made many advances in imposition technology like client server systems, Origami virtual paper folding on screen and many more in the second generation of Impostrip. There have been many imitators over the years, but they all have duplicated the same stripping table metaphor for their software. 

Third generation:

Ultimate realized with the rise of digital printing, printing was changing. Not only the machines had to change; but the methods of work had to change; the kind of products printed had to change. In offset printing the goal is to produce one plate and reproduce it many times. In digital printing the “plate image” can change on every impression. This means “mouseing around” on a computer screen has become as inefficient as stripping with a knife and tape. In a one plate per impression world there is no time to prepare each individual job on a computer screen.

In a digital printing world, the old imposition software has become inefficient, no matter what brand. This is why Ultimate is leading the way to produce a new generation of imposition software, the third generation. This is automated imposition software. Not just automation through a workflow to a specific template, but deskilling the craft aspect of imposition software so that jobs can be processed automatically and the software knows how to build the template form the pages sent and their intended destination.

Ultimate is today producing the most automated general imposition software for both offset and digital printing needs. Ultimate is also producing automated software for specific applications like digital book printing, business cards, direct mail, web2print and others. Ultimate is also taking the lead in integrating automated imposition with MIS management systems, web2print systems and XML driven content management systems.

Ultimate develops and distributes packaged software products, custom integrations for customer automation needs and we OEM our imposition engine technology to leading manufacturers.

Ultimately, our mission is to bring the most efficient and automated imposition solution to our customers allowing them to produce more, every day without making large capital investments, thus realizing THEIR mission.

David Watson
Founder of Ultimate