Impostrip Configurator

The Impostrip® integration with Enfocus Switch assures increasingly complex printing projects can be delivered on time and on budget.

Impostrip®  empowers Switch users with the flexibility and dynamic intelligence needed to automate imposition flows to meet today’s demand for shorter runs, varying output sizes, multiple different orders each day and ease of finishing. Impostrip® users gain an increased return on investment, while Switch customers receive new capabilities and benefits.

Enfocus Switch Flows

Impostrip Automation, Impostrip Scalable and Impostrip Solo Mac offer you peace of mind by ensuring consistency from one project to another – without operator intervention or having to search for files or apply extra settings. It optimizes every aspect of prepress imposition workflow with tools that are easy to use and highly versatile.

Getting started:

In order for you to be productive rapidly using both solutions, we have made available Flows for download, as well as Impostrip® Hot Folders. The Enfocus Switch Flows allowing to automate Impostrip® are available for download on Enfocus Partner site called or simply email us a request.

Once you have downloaded these Flows, you may also simply install the suggested Impostrip® Hot Folders configured to be used with the suggested Flows, which will be part of the download link we provide you. Any of the offered Flows and Impostrip® Hot Folders can be modified and adapted to your production environment. 

F.1.: Example of a Flow for OnDemand Books: