The motto of digital printing is the benefit of short run and print personalization but at the same time it significantly increases the number of set-ups and changeovers in finishing which in return multiplies the risks for errors and waste of costly material. Ultimate Bindery addresses this problem by automating finishing steps and eliminating bottleneck in post-press.


Address the finishing tasks in a mixed vendor environment thanks to Ultimate Bindery.


Ensure that each document before going to print fits the various requirements and constraints of the particular finishing device involved.


Automate by generating the complete JDF finishing ticket for each job automatically and sent to the device.


Save paper waste by only printing what you can finish, as well as get the setup right the first time.

Finishing Automation Solution

Ultimate TechnoGraphics has developed the Ultimate Bindery module which can integrate to your workflow. You may also find this functionality in the following workflows: HP SmartStream and Xerox FreeFlow.


HP SmartStream:

Ultimate Bindery integrates with HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server v. 5 to provide finishing automation.

Direct2Finish is powered by Ultimate Bindery and supports HP print server JDF workflow, sharing data with the devices, enabling automatic set up and operation of bindery equipment. Direct2Finish supports in-line and off-line device set up and operate automatically and accurately, based on job ticket provided by the print server finishing plan included in the job ticket template.

Ultimate Bindery offers direct connectivity with Horizon PXnet JDF server offering more flexibility for off-line finishing and eliminating configuration steps. Ultimate Bindery drives the Horizon SmartStacker to offer the opportunity to print more jobs together on the Indigo presses while the automatic stacking of these jobs can be combined with the possibility to be completed off-line on a saddle-stitcher or perfect-binder. Ultimate Bindery makes personalized and variable size/quantity jobs more profitable.

Xerox FreeFlow:

Ultimate Bindery is part of Xerox IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution to enable automatic finishing on Xerox presses and printers.

Ultimate Bindery automates in-line and near-line finishing equipment. With in-line workflow, using job tickets generated from FreeFlow Connect, Ultimate Bindery validates that each job respects constraints of a specific device and then synchronizes the jobs between the print server and the device, coordinating the various devices’ status communications with the finishing equipment via JMF.

Ultimate Bindery can combine a main device with optional finishing attachments such as a booklet maker with a creasing module, a cutting-creasing module with a business card module or a perfect binder with a 3-knife cutter. In a DUAL mode (in-line and off-line) where jobs can be printed on a Xerox press while the booklet maker is used to assemble a job from another press, Ultimate Bindery provides the sheet level integrity needed in using the Bourg Sheet Feeder.