Barcode automation drives results

Digital printing, short runs and web-to-print have increased the need for job tracking tools as well as finishing automation and quality assurance. The more types of different jobs you take in, the more you will enjoy the reliability of Ultimate TechnoGraphics dynamic barcodes technology.

The Ultimate TechnoGraphics' smart Dynamic Barcodes support the following formats and are available as a per sheet or per page mark: Interleave 2 of 5, Code 39 and Code 128 and 2D. These barcodes can be printed on the front, on the back or on both sides depending on your needs. 

Quality and Consistency

Ultimate TechnoGraphics' Dynamic Barcodes allow you to produce high quality brochures and books, consistently. Automating this process using Impostrip Automation will ensure the right barcode is placed in the right location, eliminating human intervention, and increasing profitability on each job, especially short run jobs.

Job Tracking

The Dynamic Barcode can also be used for other tracking necessities at printing or finishing. Impostrip Automation’s Barcode Editor allows for custom barcode creation thanks to its 25+ fields, which can be placed on a banner sheet, a separate page, each page, each job, or paper sheet. Dynamic barcodes can help ensuring quality at assembly, making sure all the right components get put together.

Barcode Finishing Partners:


Barcode Automation Solutions:

Many of the different Impostrip software packages can automate your barcode generation for finishing automation, job tracking and document integrity.