True automated Ganging

AutoFlow is a feature set that you will find in Impostrip to automatically group orders of different size items taking advantage of the maximum imaging area of your selected paper. AutoFlow was designed to optimize sheet impositions based on copy print requirements for one or more items on the same sheet. It has the ability to optimize based on copy print (quantity) and item size.

Optimizing the output

AutoFlow takes files of same or different page sizes and intelligently produces layouts dynamically according to size and quantity required for each item in the layout. The AutoFlow feature set has the ability to produce two different types of PDF outputs, either one file containing one copy of resulting master layouts and copy prints must be done when printing, or one file including all copies for output and only one copy print needed when printing for easy pass-through to the press.


To give an example of the work that can be done, AutoFlow can be used for business cards and greeting cards with same or different print count, labels, or combination of artwork of different sizes where sheet optimization is required. AutoFlow is fully automated ganging to maximize productivity and web2print operations.


Automating ganging using Impostrip AutoFlow Hot Folders is easy. With a set of minimum parameters, the process is triggered by submitting PDF files with the print quantity as part of the PDF naming convention. Alternately, our XML format can be used to submit print intent to AutoFlow.

This sheet optimization option also works in automated mode using Hot Folders and XML job tickets.


AutoFlow available in: