Loaded with Features


With Absolutely Imposing, you can produce books, booklets, calendars, cards, postcards, invitations, magazines, etc.

  • Lets you complete all your projects from Acrobat®

  • From only one window, you can do it all.

  • Easy: Eliminates imposition steps and reduces errors.

  • Smart: Remembers your preferences from job to job.

  • Best fit: Will find the best template for your job.

  • Absolute ease of use - no training required!

  • Binding: Perfect bound, saddle-stitch, cut & stack, step & repeat. Scheme: booklets, N-up book, duplex N-up, simplex N-up.

  • Marks: Cut folding, info ID, annotation, double cut, registration, page outline frame, paper delimiters for proofing. You can also have a text mark such as a slug line.

  • Orientation: Left, right, top or bottom.

  • Document sides: Single or double sided.

  • Layouts: Includes a complete library of layouts.

  • Preview: Choose the layout you wish to use and watch the “fitting room” preview. You can adjust your gutters and margins and control the space between the pages.

  • PDF Box Choice: Choose which box to use: trim, crop or media to help you ensure centering and bleed control.

  • Bleed, Scale and Adjustments: Options that will give you full control over bleed, automatic creep calculation based on paper thickness, page adjustment to shift your page and page scale.

  • Impose now! Absolutely Imposing opens a new PDF with imposed job and leaves the original PDF open for you to compare and check.

  • Available for Mac OS®X and Windows®.

  • 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian Portuguese, German and Portuguese-Brazilian (NEW!)