Quick and Easy Imposition Plug-in

You want to impose jobs easily, and you need to get started now? Absolutely Imposing is the easiest-to-use and most comprehensive professional imposition plug-in available for Adobe® Acrobat®. Absolutely Imposing provides absolute simplicity in creating booklets, organizing step-and-repeat jobs, cutting and stacking, creating perfect bound books, and much more including producing multiple ups. 

• Lets you complete all your projects from Acrobat®
• Easy: Eliminates imposition steps and reduces errors.
• Smart: remember your preferences from job to job.
• Best fit: AI will find the best template for your job.
• Absolute ease of use - no training required!

Quick and Easy

Get started rapidly with Absolutely Imposing, easy to use Acrobat Plug-in.

Best Fit Magic

Absolutely Imposing proposes the right template thanks to its Best Fit option. 

Impostrip Inside

Absolutely Imposing is powered by leading imposition engine: Impostrip®.

Loads of Features

Absolutely Imposing offers a wide range of features for you to use.